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Point. Shoot. Prescribe.

Can’t find that exercise you are looking for? Easy. Grab your phone and shoot a video of it. Oh, are you cueing your patient? No problem, our videos include audio.


Tempos. Timers. Tools built for recovery.

Exactly as you prescribed. Thirty second stretch, we’ve got you. Focusing on eccentrics? Done.


  • ”adiós”
  • ”再见”
  • ”addio”
  • ”さようなら”
  • ”bye”
  • ”au Revoir”
  • ”wiedersehen”
  • ”до свидания”
  • ”tchau”
  • ”안녕”
  • ”slán”
  • ”doei”
to excuses.

Lost your papers? Ha, yea, that excuse doesn't work anymore. Don't want to use an app? No problem, you can print their HEP or send it via email.

TheraCentric TheraCentric

Simple. Just like it should be.

Take an exercise video with your phone, view, and prescribe it on your laptop. Software that syncs instantly, just like it should be.


It’s a no-brainer.

"It is much more fluid and efficent, and doesnt take me as long to finish my job."

Erik Bies Owner, Iron Horse Physical Therapy 30+ Patients
Erik Bies

"Once I started using the app it was so much easier to actually get my patients on board and adjust their program every time they come in."

Marina Kobylnik DPT, Sports Physical Therapy
Keith Figuero

"Before, I was looking through emails trying to find which workout I was supposed to be doing, and this has just made it so much easier, and I’m very thankful for it."

Ashley Lovett Patient, Austin TX
Ashley Lovett

"Since using TheraCentric, I've noticed an improved understanding of patient exercises, as well as improved compliance."

Maria Lee Physical Therapist, Phoenix, AZ
Maria Lee

“If you are a physical therapist, you need TheraCentric, because it will allow the patient to replicate what they saw in the clinic at home without any confusion.”

Samantha Tharrington PTA
Keith Figuero

“With TheraCentric, I am able to videotape the exercises, and they are able to have that resource when they are home.”

Sarah Nguyen Pediatric DPT - Phoenix, AZ
Keith Figuero

"The relationship between myself as a patient, and my physical therapist has improved by me doing things properly."

Keith Figuero Patient, Lake Washington Physical Therapy
Keith Figuero
tc model
An exercise library built with empathy and smiles .

Representation is a top priority for us. We sincerely hope that, one way or another, you resonate with the models within our exercise library. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or ability, we are committed to showcasing the beauty each individual brings.

tc model
dual angle video check Dual angle videos
dual angle video check Over 2k exercises
dual angle video check 100 new exercises a week
dual angle video check Diverse models
TheraCentric HIPPA

HIPAA swiped right on us.

We take security and your data privacy seriously. Seriously.

RTM allows providers to use TheraCentric to increase revenue by more than $100 per month per patient.

TheraCentric RTM

Pretty bad Hass, right? We provide a fun, engaging, and efficient app, allowing us to provide the industry’s most powerful patient adherence data for you to unlock new revenue opportunities.

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TheraCentric RTM